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Imagine …

… a world where every city, town and neighborhood had a community choir, one where the music of many cultures and faiths was celebrated. Imagine a non-auditioned choir in your community where all were welcome. Imagine that this choir could support and engage in powerful community-based activities. Now imagine that you, as director, could enjoy a rich and fulfilling livelihood by leading this choir.

Choirs like this exist. The Gettin’ Higher Choir, co-directed by Siobhan Robinsong and Denis Donnelly, located in Victoria BC, Canada, started in 1996 with 40 members and now includes over 300 singers. This choir is the model for the exciting Community Choir Leadership Training, which began in 2004.

photo of Gettin' Higher Choir

Gettin’ Higher Choir warms up in the green room before a concert. (photo by Andrew Kielbowicz)

What is Community Choir Leadership Training?

This dynamic and comprehensive program will provide participants with the tools and training necessary to form, manage and direct a community choir. The program includes one residency session in Victoria, BC, six months of additional participation via tele-conferencing and a full year of mentorship. Because there may be participants with a wide range of backgrounds, the training will be tailored to suit the needs of each student.