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Thanks for your interest in the Community Choir Leadership Training Program, taught by Siobhan Robinsong and Denis Donnelly. Please respond use the form below to apply. Your answers are important but are not necessarily the only guidelines for your acceptance into the program. Your considered responses will, however, give us information about whether you are suited for the Program and, if so, how we can best assist you in your path towards successfully leading a choir based on the model of the Gettin’ Higher Choir.

If you submit your on-line application and don’t hear back within a week that we’ve received your application, please send an email to to advise us.

your information

I can quite easily sight-read a line of music the first time I see it.
I can work my way through and after a few minutes I could probably sing it ok.
If I had it overnight I could use a piano (or whatever) to figure it out and sing it ok the next day.
I don’t read music very well and would have trouble figuring it out on my own, but I could find someone to help me with it.