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photo of CCLT in session

in session, 2007 (photo by Andrew Kielbowicz)

the Program

“If you have a chance to learn about the Community Choir experience from Siobhan and Denis, run, don’t walk, to sign up. As a member of the Gettin’ Higher Choir and as a life long scholar in the area of adult education and community development, I assure you that Siobhan and Denis are not just good, they are gifted. The experience of singing with them and others in the Gettin’ Higher Choir is a highlight for me every week.”

— Budd Hall, Past Dean
Faculty of Education, University of Victoria

Who should consider Community Choir
Leadership Training?

The program is open to anyone who feels drawn to form, and/or to lead, this style of community choir. We are looking for participants who have:

If you have most of these attributes, you may want to explore this course. It will provide you with a solid underpinning for your musical work in the world.

Note that a strong background in formal music training, while certainly useful, is not essential.

Please note that in some cases, in the application process, the directors may advise that applicants involve themselves in some up-grading of certain aspects of their qualifications in order that they are able to fully benefit from the program.

Part One :: Sessions

Sunday, September 24 through Sunday, October 8, 2017.

During this two-week session, in addition to classes and individual sessions, the participants will follow Siobhan and Denis through six evening sessions of the Gettin’ Higher Choir and Siobhan through 2 day time session of the High Noon Choir.

Classes will be held each weekday from 9am – 3pm. Additional week-end classes and practicum sessions will also be included. Some of the topics covered will be:

Part Two :: Mentorship

The program also includes a year of mentorship, which will allow participants to contact Siobhan and Denis for support and advice by phone or e-mail. Participants will be provided with a body of core repertoire for use in their own groups.

It is strongly recommended that applicants lead a group of singers in their home communities throughout the year of the training in order to achieve the maximum benefits from the course through actual application of the teaching.

It is also strongly recommended that participants bring a recorder (digital voice recorder, cassette tape recorder, etc) to record songs, sessions, and talks as this is a valuable way to collect repertoire, ideas, and techniques.

Financial requirements

The cost of the Program is CDN $2,500. All necessary course materials, including core choral arrangements, will be provided.

Some financial assistance is available. For more information on financial assistance, contact our registrar Gloria Hansen at

We will assist in finding room and board lodgings with local choir members, however we cannot guarantee such accommodation.

This course will be limited to 14 participants. A deposit of $300 will hold your space, $200 of which is refundable before July 1.

To apply

Applicants should register by completing the on-line registration form.