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photo of CCLT in session

in session, 2007 (photo by Andrew Kielbowicz)


“Imagine standing on the edge of a diving board for 52 years, shivering and shaking while your parents roll their eyes, and the cool kids play games in the water. Then imagine diving in — filled not with courage, but with the fearful knowledge that if you wait any longer, your heart may stop beating altogether, and no one will ever know or care that you spent 52 years waiting. And now imagine that instead of sinking, your body dives and then soars, over and over, lifted up and celebrated. And your heart doesn’t stop. And all the kids are dolphins.”

—Betsy Sansby (CCLT 4)

“Siobhan and Denis are fabulous. The training has given me the skills, conducting techniques, repertoire — and the inspiration — to restart my community choir on Whidbey Island. After five rehearsals we have an enthused group of 60 people — over half of whom never thought they could sing — and we already have three invitations to perform at community events. CCLT is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to make a difference in their community through song.”

—Peggy Taylor (CCLT 1)

“Now well into my second year of directing the Songlines Community Choir here in Port Townsend, and still in the afterglow of last nights session, I can only say the CCLT has delivered so much more than it promised. Not only do I feel deeply supported by and connected to this amazing, far-flung learning community of song-sharing friends from the trainings, there is the immeasurable reward of feeling so much more deeply woven into my local community. As we deliver the gift of joyous, passionate harmonic song to each other every week, and over and over again feel its healing, restorative power, and then offer that same gift, through events and concerts, into the life of our town, we begin to realize how much we really mean to each other. Standing together in circle, eyes alight, sensing our heightened aliveness in that shimmering stillness at the close of a gorgeous evening of song, is a priceless privilege seldom experienced in any other way. Gratitude flows to all of you from all of us to All… ”

—Laurence Cole (CCLT 3)

“Dennis and Siobhan share from their hearts the vast wisdom, experience, insight, humour, practical skills, and the humanness of birthing a community choir and nurturing it for the betterment of the planet.

“I am grateful to have not only found great mentorship, but also a community of active socially responsible creators. All of whom are all interested in using song & community to help gift, shift and lift the planet.

“If you believe that song can transform the lives of others and yourself, then the CCLT course will help you focus on sharing that belief in your community at large in a supportive & encouraging environment.

“It is a gift to see the multitude of talent, that lies dormant in most of us, spring to life when encouraged and given the gift to truly hold ourselves capable of creating whatever it is that we dare to dream…

“The richness of different musical ‘know-how’ allows everyone to feel welcome and part of a greater whole … UBUNTU. What a journey… ”

—Cari Burdett (CCLT 3)

“Siobhan and Denis offer such a great inspiration, tools and support to help us create choirs of joyful singers. I heartily recommend the CCLT training — it’s fun and empowering.”

—Gina Salá, Open Voices, Seattle, WA

“I can’t remember when I last learned so much in such a short time. The course is comprehensive and can be tailored to specific needs. Not only will I use this information for the rest of my life, it was fun!”

—Emile Dyer, Rhythm Tribe, Los Angeles, CA

“The CCLT training is absolutely first-rate! It exceeded my expectations, and is extremely well organized so that each participant can succeed at their own rate. Siobhan and Denis are superb directors and inspiring individuals. I now have the skills and confidence to start my own choir.”

—Sarah Hartigan, Darien, Connecticut

“The Community Choir Leadership Training program has enhanced my practical skills, and provides the support of an ongoing network with whom to continually touch base, learn and grow. As a result of participating in it, I am a stronger, more in charge leader. But more than that, I now know in my heart that this (creating a choir in my community, based on my current ability, and creating an income from it) is entirely possible. People want to sing. I want to sing, and lead others in song. And by bringing my joy of singing, encouragement and willingness to lead to the experience, I provide others, regardless of experience, with a place in which to do so in safety and warmth, thereby enhancing their connection to themselves and each other.”

—Sylvia Wende, Get Inspired Choir, Nanaimo, BC

“CCLT is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to make a difference in their community through song.”

—Peggy Taylor, Open Circle Choir, Whidbey Island, WA

“This is a thorough and well-prepared course, a generous sharing of years of experience, simply a must for anyone considering community choir leadership.”

—Connie Lebeau, Inspirata Women’s Choir, Victoria, BC